This week has seen Boyzone’s new song, Gave It All away enter the top ten in the UK music chart.

This is Boyzone’s first new song since the untimely death of Stephen Gately.  Gave It All Away is Boyzone at their finest. It’s no wonder that Stephen was so excited about the boys new material on the album Brother before he died.

Boyzone reformed back in 2008 for a series of tour dates.  I was lucky enough to get to see them perform at Newmarket races.  What a night it was….I looked around and every person in the audience was singing along to every lyric.

Way back when Boyzone were together the first time around i was a huge fan.  I was delighted when they reformed however I was slightly disappointed by their new material.   I didn’t feel the new songs were of the same quality as their original material.

With the release of their new album Brother it seems like they are back on form.  The new boyzone song is called Gave It All Away and it will pull at the heart-strings of every Boyzone Fan.

Written by Mika and released on Polydor Gave It All Away is the first song to be released from the album, Brother.

“I will learn to live before I die” is the first and most poignant line from this song and is sung beautifully by the late Stephen Gately.

If the song isn’t emotional enough,  check out the video to Gave It All Away.  The first video without Stephen was always going to be tough and you can see the real emotion from the rest of the Boyzone lads as they shed some tears….Hell who can blame them…I did and i was just watching the video.

Boyzone will not be doing to many performances of their new song, Gave It All Away but rest of the boys will be joining Ronan Keating on the final night of his tour, this coming Thursday at the Royal Albert Hall.

Check out the video for Boyzone’s New Song, Gave It All away on You Tube.  Get the tissues ready.



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